Private art lesson

I offer One to one art lesson tailored to individual need to improve art skills or to beginners.

for me art always should be fun. the time spent to make art should be special and precious. Making art is liberating, is fulfilling and personal.

Please email me if interested through the contact form

example of past classes

example of past classes

Creative Synergy at the Elmslie House, Malvern 29 September 2017 premiere of Credo by Liz Johnson.

Another successful collaboration with Liz Johnson. Credo premiered Friday night performed by the amazing viola player Adam Römer. The evening program included poetry by Nina Lewis who wrote poetry on the subject of migration and refuge, Nina responded to Liz Johnson music andmy painting "Credo". A terrific creative evening with a very receptive audience actively participating in the dialogue initiated by the artists.

The discussion with the audience

The discussion with the audience

November News

Since the end of "Elements" exhibition I have been busy working on my MAFA course in Cheltenham. I always wanted to go deeper on the meaning of my work and be pushed in places where I wouldn't go. So it is now happening and it is a very exciting journey, reading and informing myself is very important as the skill (or craftsmanship) needs that support to be able to better communicate our creativity. So now I am realising there two type of work that I make: the commercial and the conceptual which is less commercial. However when I look at my representational work,  I see the artist enjoying the creative process with experimental attitude and yes, I had terrific time in the making. Here are some examples of that "fun":

Salon des Refusés 2016 - Thu 23 – Sun 26 Jun 2016

SPACE  129-131 Mare Street  London E8 3RH


Organized by Happenstance Art & Framing Gallery Media support by London Art Events

Happy to be part of this exhibition for the second time as I have been rejected by the RA Summer Exhibition. not all rejections are negative, actually they bring in more opportunities. If you can please visit this exhibition, for more details visit Salon des Refusés

Beginning a new piece of work......

The moment you face a blank canvas or paper, that perfect surface can be intimidating. It is a powerful moment, you know once you start everything changes. The creative process starts, experimentation expands the endless possibilities......